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Pediatric Dental Care Advice For Children in Jacksonville FL

About Up Town Dentists

Up Town Dentists is a small not for profit pediatric dental practice organization in the United States. It was founded in 1929 by Dr. Frederick Leibel and remains dedicated to the advancement of dental care and research. Up Town Dentists provides a robust online resource at http://www.uptowndentaltx.com/. For more information about our dental care for children, contact our dental office today.

Our pediatric dentists have trained for years to earn a dentist license and learn all aspects of pediatric dentistry, including community health and oral health. Our dentists have gained a great deal of experience in school, but also in active hands on programs with a curriculum tailored to the needs of the local and state public health and dental education systems.

The curriculum includes an introduction to nutrition and dental anatomy. Students are given the opportunity to learn basic knowledge of all treatments and procedures under general anesthesia, including some that are not typically done in a local dental office.

This gained experience equips our dentists with the information and experience most other dentists lack.

Up Town Dentists provides exceptional, effective care, good value and value for money, in a friendly, comfortable, supportive, collaborative environment. Our state of the art facility provides dentistry, Restorative and Cosmetic surgery, Oral Surgery, Esthetic dentistry, Oral Surgery, Full Oral Surgery, Dialysis, Dental Caries work, Dentist Consultation, CEREC support for routine care, Sterile/clean work spaces and other services.

Since our inception in 1929, we have expanded into private practice and employment services. Our staff are highly qualified and experienced in the dental field with two general dentists, and five sub-specialists.

We value your time and enjoy an efficient workflow. We aim to make your visit a pleasurable experience.

We want to get to know our patients and make sure your visits are pleasant, enjoyable, and most importantly patient-centered.

The way you want to handle your visit is important to us! By joining our dental team, you’ll help us to show you our compassion and care for our patients.

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