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The Best Smile Makeovers

At Up Town Dental tx we’re dedicated to making smiles what they should be.

Sadly, too often people look in the mirror and they don’t like what they see. They see crooked teeth, big gaps, out of whack spacing and they have think that they’re ugly.  What others see as hideous, we see as a lump of clay just waiting to be sculpted.

I honestly think that one of the highlights of my life is in envisioning what someone’s smile is going to look like, trying to explain it to them, them not believing me, and then making it happen and seeing the look of disbelief on their face.  The whole process of that…well, there’s just nothing really like it.

So we’ll be taking our website and doing exactly that process to it. Right now, it’s just a blank lump of..a theme I suppose, but soon, it will be a master piece and work of art, that will be a place people can come to in order to find hope of a better smile.

We hope that our website is able to offer you just a little bit of hope and we hope that you’ll check back soon to see how we’re progressing!

To your Smile,

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