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Different Problems Caused By Missing Teeth

Dealing with missing teeth can impact more than just your appearance. In fact, missing teeth can cause a variety of different problems on their own. Below, we will go over a few of the different problems that can be caused by missing teeth.

Different Problems That Can Stem From Missing Teeth:

  • Significant Bone Loss And Loss Of Bone Density.

One of the main issues that can stem from a missing tooth is dealing with significant bone loss.

You can develop significant bone loss when you are dealing with missing teeth because your teeth are there to support optimal jaw and bone health. When you lose a tooth, it reduces the stimulation that your jawbone would typically get which can cause bone density loss to occur.

This is why it is so important to get something to replace the missing tooth like a dental implant which will help to support the jaw bone and minimize bone density loss.

  • Shift In Your Teeth.

Another major thing that is likely to occur when you suffer from a missing tooth or missing teeth is a shifting of your teeth.

Unfortunately, when your mouth realizes that it is missing a tooth, it will typically act as a domino effect and cause the other teeth to shift to fill in space.

While your teeth are attached to your jawbone, they can still shift as you age. They will naturally shift and if you have more open spaces, they are going to naturally shift to it.

  • Various Problems With Your Bite.

Another significant problem that could result from missing teeth is problems with your bite.

You might be dealing with issues stemming from issues with your bite due to missing teeth because it can cause shifting of your teeth which can negatively impact how you are able to bite down.

If you have shifting that causes your teeth to go out of alignment, it can completely wreck your bite. That is why it is so important to handle missing teeth as soon as possible to avoid having the missing teeth move to the point where your bite is impacted.

  • Difficulties Chewing.

Another major issue that could crop up would be issues with your ability to chew on food.

If you are someone that is suffering from missing teeth in the back of your mouth, you are likely to be impacted even more. We utilize the back teeth or molars in order to chew our food. Therefore, if you miss any of the teeth that you would naturally be used for chewing, you are likely going to have difficulty eating things that require a lot of chewing.

  • Change Your Appearance.

As mentioned above, it is obviously going to change your appearance.

However, even more so, it can change the way your face looks. When you suffer from missing teeth, you are likely to deal with bone density issues which can lead to complete changes in your jawbone and structure. Therefore, you might develop drooping on the portion of your face that you experienced tooth loss because the density was lost with it.

There are a bunch of different ways that missing teeth can impact you. Not only can they lead to bone density loss, but it can lead to all kinds of other issues such as an inability to chew properly and it can even cause your bite to go out of alignment.

Along with this, it can lead to other issues such as causing your face to look different, problems when brushing your teeth, and even resulting in issues related to being unable to speak as you normally would.

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